Tutorials on OSI, Multi-cast IP, IPng and ATM

As a Final year project in Donal O'Mahony's 4BA2 module in Computer Networking, the B.A. (Mod) Computer Science degree class of '95 at Trinity College Dublin have put together a WWW exhibit on topics in OSI and computer networking.

The class divided into teams of 4/5 students, each of which compiled sections on the individual layers of the OSI Reference Model or Network services such as X.400, X.500, X.700 and EDI in addition to coverage of Multi-cast IP, IP Next Generation (IPng) and ATM.

In reading this information, be aware that it is the result of a student exercise. While parts of the information are well researched and informative, there are sections that are quite frivolous, and others which are completely incorrect.

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