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    Potential Problems

      The follong are problems that must be solved before the web becomes a mass marketplace.

      1. Making sure that everybody has an internet connection : Just about every house in this country has a T.V. connection. The number of households that have internet connections is still relatively small (but growing). You need not only an internet connection but also the appropriate hardware and software
      2. Gaining a fast connection to the net : The current standard rate -9600 baud - is still too slow for accessing real-time data, such as net broadcasts. You need a fast connection to the net to access most multimedia data.
      3. Expanding the net for added users : Many people who have used the net for many years have begun to notice a slowdown in system response in recent years. With all the added users, the back bone of the net will need to be increased.
      4. Controlling the net in some way : Currently no net board of directors exists. What's more, because the net is worldwide, putting a specific government in charge would be difficult withput raising suspicion about business motives. Many people in the net community are violently opposed to any type of controll and this issued will be hotly debated for some time.
      5. Resolving security issues : Most data that is sent over the Net, including e-mail, is not secure, which means that a third party could access the information that is being tranmitted. Although this issue is not serious for data such as program listings, it is of great inportant when credit-card numbers are being tranmitted.
      6. Developing a system that can carry out transactions inexpensicely : No system in widespread use can carry out electronic transactions over the net, and you can't do business if you can't get paid.

    {Introduction} {Who's offering what?} {Potential Problems} {What can we expect?}

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