Document describing the Word macro virus
This document gives an overview of the virus and how it operates.

The WWW Security FAQ
This document answers some general questions about WWW security.

Java home page
Homepage for the Java programming language.

Cookie specification
Draft version of the Netscape proposal for client side cookies.

S-HTTP Specification
This page contains links to the S-HTTP specification and other related articles.

SSL Specification
Netscape's SSL specification page on their site.

Attack on Netscape
Description of the attack on the Netscape browser with 40 bit encryption, including links to Netscape's response to the incident

PGP Homepage
The International PGP Home Page

Security related links
Security Related Net-pointers

Cryptography FAQ

Online presentaion about WWW security
NCSA Web Security Presentation

About Firewalls
Marcus Ranum.

Is your network secure?
Byte article on network security

Build a Firewall
Byte article on firewall construction

Dr. Dobbs Journal, November '96
'Java and Web Executable Object Security' - M. Shoffner & M. Hughes

JDK 1.1 Specification
The proposed specification for Sun's JDK 1.1

'Playing in the Sandbox'
Marianne Mueller, Javasoft
Downloadable .pdf file - slides from a presentation on Applet Security

What is ActiveX? Does it pose any risks?
A brief answer to these questions

FAQ - Applet Security

Access Authorization in WWW

Basic Protection Scheme for the WWW

NCSA Security Document

HTTP Working Group Internet Draft - Digest Access Authentication

Mediated Digest Authentication - Internet Draft

CCI Web Based Security - A design using PGP