Electronic Payment Systems

Artech House Publishers 1997

Donal O'Mahony, Michael Pierce, Hitesh Tewari

Book Cover As the Internet continues to transform commerce as we know it, the method of payment is one component which is critical to successfully conducting business across a network. Electronic Payment Systems offers the first comprehensive, up-to-date survey of the major electronic payment schemes currently available - from a technical perspective.

Contents: Contents:

Requiring only a basic familiarity with computing and networking, the book covers numerous Internet payment systems including SET (Secure Electronic Transactions), FSTC electronic checks, Ecash and Millicent. It also identifies the properties unique to the various payment schemes, provides a working knowledge of the necessary cryptography, and explains the protocols involved. In eight concisely written chapters, you acquire the background you need to fully understand how each payment system works.

If you deal with payment systems and financial software on a daily basis, this book does the homework for you. It saves you time by gathering and presenting timely information on today's most influential Internet payment systems - and helps you understand the key criteria for evaluating and selecting a system that's efficient, effective, and secure.