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The projects page lists the various projects the the NTRG is currently involved in.

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The X.500 Global Directory Service

The X.500 global directory service is an easy way to find individuals contact addresses such as address, phone, fax or E-mail. Information on those members of the global population that are registered, is held in a collection of Directory Systems Agents (DSAs)

The Root DSA for Ireland is operated by the NTRG at Trinity College Dublin.

A line-oriented public access gateway is available at TCD using TELNET. Click here and Login as de (Directory Enquiries)

X.500 Gateways

  • Gateway to X.500 from the Trinity College Maths Dept

  • General information on X.500 and assorted gateways is available from Nexor in the UK.

  • Search Ireland using the WWW Gateway at the Technical University of Chemnitz - Prompts are in German.

  • Search the World using the Same Gateway

  • For faster access without pictures, try the Gopher-X.500 Gateway at UCD.

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