Implementation Tools

This is a collection of links to implementation tools, protocols, and software which might be used to implement a network payment mechanism or digital cash system on the Internet.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and a good CGI page.

Cryptography: The Study of Encryption.

Digital Notary System from Surety Technologies.

Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) is a specification for the exchange of order and payment related information for software wallets. It allows wallets from multiple vendors to automatically fill out merchant Web forms conforming to ECML.

Integrated Internet Information Architecture and Uniform Resource Names.


JavaCard Forum.

JavaScript Developer Central.

Lucent Personalized Web Assistant.

Public Key Infrastructure.

Netscape Communications Secure Socket Layer Proposal.

Smart Card Cyber Show.

Smart cards and electronic payment systems

Web Technology and Beyond -current and future Web technology.

World Wide Web Consortium

Web Storefront Software:
NetCat is an Inter-NetCat-alog ordering and quotation system from DynamicWeb Transaction Systems, Inc.
NetLink's Virtual Shopping Cart which uses CyberCash.
Versatile Virtual Vending from BiznetNet Technologies.

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