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A collection of links to mailing lists and discussions about Network Payment Mechanisms and related commerce, especially on the Internet. There are also some links to other sites with relevant information.

Mailing lists:
SET-discuss covers topics related to the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) standard for payment card purchases across open networks.
e$ discusses financial cryptography, digital commerce, and the consequences of both on society.
WWW-Buyinfo mailing list archive, which discussed topics related to commerce and the Web.
The W3 Consortium Micropayment list.
IETF micropayment list.
IETF-Payments mailing list archives, which was a discussion forum for the IETF working group on secure Internet payment protocols.
Electronic Cash Market mailing list archive, which was an experiment for trading electronic and conventional currencies.
Cypherpunks mailing list often covers issues relating to electronic commerce and security.
Scottish Electronic Payment Forum aimed at promoting the understanding and use of electronic payment mechanisms, including credit cards, by Scottish business on the Internet.
Discussions, reports and FAQs:
Anonymity Control in E-cash: Recent publications by Yiannis Tsiounis in controllable tracing of anonymous e-cash and cryptographic attacks on anonymous e-cash systems.
Credit Card Transactions - Real World and Online
Digital Cash MiniFAQ.
Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom by Jon W. Matonis.
Discussion on Brand's Cash.
Discussion on Chaums Cash and Systems.
Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) is a specification for the exchange of order and payment related information for software wallets. It allows wallets from multiple vendors to automatically fill out merchant Web forms conforming to ECML.
Electronic Payment over Open Networks : A review of the state of the art in payment models and technologies.
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
Legal aspects of electronic cash (a paper in German), consists of a thesis on the qualification of Ecash as an analogy to bank cheques or private banknotes based on digital documents.
Le Paiement Electronique sur Internet: An extensive presentation on Internet payment systems by Alain Plamondon (in French).
Perspectives on Financial Cryptography(Postscript paper) from Ron Rivest.
The Siren Song of Internet Micropayments by Steve Crocker. Some interesting thoughts about why initial deployment of micropayments on the Internet have failed.
Other useful sites:
Jeffrey MacKie-Mason has an excellent site covering Network Commerce and Intelligent Agents.
Hal Varian has a detailed collection on Economics and the Internet including a good section on Electronic Commerce.
The Electronic Commerce group of W3C offers a payments roadmap, working group information, slide presentations, draft papers, and protocol specifications.
The IESERV products page provides links to vendors selling products of interest to electronic publishing systems designers and builders, and includes many e-commerce pointers.
Money and Payment Systems covers the history of money, paper money and coins, digital money and electronic payment systems, projects, and credit cards.
E-Global PaperFree provides papers covering all areas of e-commerce.
The Electronic Commerce Page of the WWW Virtual Library Project.
Electronic transactions site with a good list of Internet payment systems, essays and economic theory.
International Center for Electronic Commerce (ICEC)
Yahoo has a collection about Electronic Commerce and a section on Digital Money.
EINet Galaxy has a section for Electronic Commerce.
IBM, Zurich, have a nice section on Electronic Commerce, Payment Systems, and Security.
Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics page has a section covering design considerations for electronic markets.
An excellent and extensive Electronic purse bibliography , with links to online articles.
Electronic Money and Money in History maintained by Roy Davies.
Internet Commerce Essays and Links from Nick Szabo.
Money and Payment Systems from the Institute of Finance and Banking at the University of Gottingen.
National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) provide the nationwide e-payment and collection network for the U.S.
Smart cards and electronic payment systems
Sydd's Internet Zoo ATM Machine contains links to several electronic money resources.
Australian Electronic Business Network
Banking on the WWW
CIB Supersite: Banking, finance, investment, government, media and other sites with a financial flavour.
CardSystems provide payment card processing solutions to the financial services industry.
Payments 2000.
International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2000).
Network Payment Systems and Digital Cash.
ICEC '98
Computer Money Day 1997 presented by the Monetary Systems Engineering Group at the University of Newcastle, Australia.
Computer Money Day 1996 was also presented by the Monetary Systems Engineering Group at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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