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IE-ACA Introduction

Introduction to IE-ACA

This contains all the formal documentation regarding certification.

This allows you to request a certificate online.

This gives a list of all the certificates that have been revoked to date

This is a list of contact names in case of queries

IE-ACA Operation Suspended

The NTRG are no longer operating a certification authority for the Irish Academic Community. A commercial company: Ezitrust Ltd. is now providing that service in conjunction with HEANET and EuroPKI.

This site will no longer be updated.


IE-ACA is an X.509 Certification process that the Network and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) will be offering initially to both staff and students of Trinity College Dublin. This certification process is being driven by the increasing need for a secure method of identification over the Internet.

The essence of the idea with IE-ACA is that you will be able to ensure that the person sending you a message is indeed who they claim to be. You will have two encryption keys, one private and one public. You use your private key to encrypt your messages before you send them and then send your public key with the encrypted message. The recipient of the encrypted message can then use this public key to unencrypt your message and to encrypt his reply.

In this way, you can be sure that the only people who can unencrypt you messages are those that you have given the public key to, and also you can be sure that only those with your public key can reply to you with the correct encryption on their messages.

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